Welcome to the NonFunGerbils 

The NonFunGerbils are digitally scarce gerbils represented by non-fungible NonFunGerbil tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

They are given away on the NonFunGerbils podcast. Heres how it works:

  • The name of the next gerbil is given at the end of each podcast

  • Descriptions for the gerbil are submitted by the listeners via Twitter

  • The funniest / most entertaining entry becomes the official description for the gerbil. The token will have the winning entry written within the token

  • Our brilliant illustrator will then create beautiful artwork to match the winning description

  • All of the top descriptions, as decided by the podcast hosts, get sent one of those rare NonFunGerbil tokens

  • The scarcity of each set of NonFunGerbil tokens depends on how many entertaining entries are submitted

The NonFunGerbils Podcast

The NonFunGerbils Podcast explores the world of non-fungible assets and the growing decentralised economy.

  • Each week Luke & George host an interesting guest who is involved in the space

  • Different NFT (non-fungible token) projects are explored during ‘Show & Tell’ (TBC)

  • The funniest descriptions submitted for the previous Gerbil are read out and the winner announced

  • The next NonFunGerbil’s name is revealed along with any specific guidelines